How Mobile Apps Are Helping Gyms & Fitness Clubs Grow

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Gyms nationwide are jumping on board with providing their customers and clients with apps. It is a great way to connect with members and provide them with exclusive membership benefits, updates and more.

A mobile app that is customized for your fitness center can provide your members with so much utility they’ll appreciate. You can offer them loyalty rewards features, the ability to track their progress and workouts, special promotions and coupons, nutrition and workout info, scheduling and more.

All of the above helps boost member attendance and retention for gyms which increases profits!

According to the 2012 Fitness and Technology Survey, 72% of exercisers are using technology to support their workouts, both in and out of the gym. Apps like MyFitnessPal, Sports tracker, and more are booming in popularity. Gyms are jumping into the trend by offering their own branded apps for their members to use to help drive deeper engagement with their members. In addition, mobile apps can be used as a great way to keep members informed about holiday hours or fitness class schedules.

57% of gym members bring their smart phone to workouts – whether they are using them to track workouts, listen to music or stay connected while pumping iron, is no matter. The fact is, offering an app to help them do all those things and more is a really smart idea. It can help retain members, offer them special content and support which will in turn generate more business, and help both you and them organize their experience.

When an app is advertised on a website, or with a media kit, downloads increase by 50%. So be sure to advertise that app on your site!

Gym apps are also great for recruitment! Potential members may download the app to see what the gym is about before they join, or they may download the app to take advantage of exclusive offers or membership discounts/services. Once a person has downloaded the app the odds of them joining as a member go up exponentially. You can offer potential clients personal training offers, member referrals, day passes, promotions, trial memberships and more.

Designing and implementing an app for your gym doesn’t have to be expensive. CNet Marketing offers affordable, easy to design and use apps that work on any platform. Design the app yourself and include the features that are important to your business and members.

Go mobile today and gain an edge over your competition!

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