Why Every Gym & Fitness Club Needs A Mobile App and Mobile Website

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With every passing day, mobile becomes more and more important to small businesses, and gyms are no different. A mobile app or website is to a gym what a quality nutritional supplement is to a bodybuilder – they can really boost performance.

So, whether you want to increase memberships, increase customer satisfaction, or just raise your profile, here are six ways that you can make use of mobile apps and websites to get there:

1. Selling memberships or trial passes

With the right mobile website, you can convert prospects before they even walk through the door. By selling memberships or trial passes online, you free up sales staff to be more productive, and can also provide an outlet for customers that may be too nervous to take the first step in person. In addition, some people simply don’t like talking on the phone, and will even be more likely to get started if they can do so online.

2. Information

A mobile app or website lets you share key information with prospects. Simple is usually best – things like hours, address, phone number, or your mapped location are great for posting on your mobile site or on the front page of your app. But you can also upload “tabs” for membership plan details, equipment available, trainer profiles, class schedules, and more. Quickly being able to get info helps customers make decisions and ultimately boosts sales, and delivering the information via mobile device lets you help customers no matter where they are.

3. Creative features

Apps provide the perfect vehicle to offer value-added services like a library of proper form graphics, live video classes people can join remotely, calorie counting apps, Q&A chats with experts, and other similar things. Mobile really opens up your ability to form rich connections with your members and prospects through delivering helpful solutions.

If your gym has adopted the ambitious goal of being a one-stop shop for “all things fitness and nutrition,” mobile is versatile enough to take you there.

4. Offers and coupons

Offers and coupons are great for up-sells and supplemental services (e.g. training, tanning, nutrition consulting), and guests will appreciate discounts or other benefits. If you’ve published an app, these can be delivered via a “push notification,” which means that your offer message pops up on a user’s device at a time you schedule. This can be an effective way to increase conversions, and users can opt out of these notifications if they find them irritating.

5. Learn about customers

With analytics, mobile can provide you with information about your members and prospects that can be very valuable. You can learn which pages or pieces of information they visit most, so you know what is on their minds and where to focus your efforts. You can also solicit feedback, and learn even more. Some examples include: 1) What services/equipment do they want you to offer? 2) Who is their favorite (or least favorite) trainer? 3) Do they like the music? 4) Are they satisfied with the condition of the locker rooms?

The questions are endless, and the answers are extremely helpful.

6. Get social

Mobile apps and websites allow you to turn each prospect and member into a mini-relay through social sharing. If they start a membership, give them a chance to post it to Facebook or Twitter. If they’ve just had an amazing workout, run a contest for the most sweat-soaked post-workout pic. If they hit a big lifting landmark, celebrate it with them.

There are a lot of possibilities, here, and mobile apps and sites make it happen.

It may seem like just another headache, but the benefits (increased revenue, promotion, and information) are well worth the effort. In fact, a basic app can be created quite easily and cost-effectively using CNet Marketing. We can have your gym’s app up and running in short order, please Request For Quote.

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