5 reasons gyms & fitness centers need an iPhone app

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1. Push notifications: If you didn’t know, push notifications are sent out in a similar way to text messages to all of the people who have downloaded your app. This is a great way to reach all of your customers, in one simple step, to inform them of special deals or important updates on what is going on- anything you feel is important for your customers to know.

2. Class schedules within 2 touches: Creating a tab in your iPhone application with your gym or fitness center’s class schedule is a great thing to have available for your active customers. With an app, your customers can have access to times of their favorite workout classes, wherever they are, in two touches.

3. Differentiation: With a gym iPhone app, you can market your gym in a new way. Going mobile is a very cost-efficient way to market your company to your customers. Mobile marketing is a great way for you to stay differentiated from your competition.

4. Integration: Social media is everywhere and most, if not all, of your customers use it. Integrating your gym or fitness center’s social media sites into your fitness center iPhone app can be easily done and offer great incentives. You can offer a special deal, like a free gym visit, for new customer’s first time checking-in to your gym.

5. Word of Mouth- Create a buzz of your own by creating an iPhone app. When your customers start using your app they will want to talk about how convenient it is and how easy it is to use. The positive word of mouth can create new memberships and get your gym or fitness center’s name out.

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