Why Gyms Are Going Mobile Faster than Ever

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When you think of fitness, you rarely think of a person messing around on a mobile device, but the trends are undeniable: mobile activity is increasing every day, and this includes those with gym memberships. For that reason, modern gyms are “going mobile” at a rapid pace, by publishing mobile-optimized websites and creating mobile apps of their own. These mobile solutions deliver an amazing amount of benefits to gyms and member alike.

Below, we explore a few of the biggest of these benefits.

Information & Communication

Mobile solutions are a great way to get critical information to members. The basics like hours and phone numbers are always useful, but there are practically no limits to what can be shared via mobile device. Your app can have tabs for membership plan details and pricing, class schedules, trainer information, proper forms for exercises, links to helpful resources like meal planners and calorie counters, and lots more.

It provides members with an on-the-go reference that you can always keep current and comprehensive, and they’ll love you for it.

Advertising & Upselling

Some gyms offer a lot more than just a room full of machines, but getting members to take advantage of everything your facility has to offer can be tough. If you want to boost meetings with nutritionists, trainers, spa personnel, and increase sales in your equipment and clothing shop, a mobile app is a huge help.

Using push notifications, you can send users quick messages and links that they’ll be notified of on their device’s home screen. Your notifications can have special offers, free trials, coupons, or just remind people of what you have available.

The result can be a major lift to revenue!

Review & Analysis

Mobile apps offer the ability to track user activity, which can help a gym figure out what members are most interested in. For example, if the tab for classes goes completely unused, you’ll know that it’s time to experiment with different class types and times, or you might find out that your members aren’t interested in classes at all! Mobile solutions reveal a lot about your user base and members, but they can’t do anything for you if you don’t have one!

Shopping & Reservations

You can offer direct membership and equipment sales through your mobile app, and can also setup a system for reserving spots in classes easily. Opening up a channel that enables purchases almost always boosts profitability, for the simple reason that there’s one less obstacle out there to purchasing.

This also makes it easier for members to act on your offers. When they get a push notification about a couples’ sign-up deal, for example, they’ll be able to go right to the app and put through an order, if they wish.


These are just a few of the benefits of a gym having a mobile app and website. The key is that these solutions provide a great way to connect with members and prospects no matter where they are, and are quite effective for increasing the profitability of your gym, using a variety of strategies.

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